Practice in the Playground

Our matchpoint tennis Coaching team now offer before, during and after school activities.

All sessions run weekly alongside the school term and will be instructed by a team of fully qualified LTA coaches. 

What the sessions will focus on: 

  • Sport specific skills 
  • Balance and co-ordination 
  • Basic learning of Shapes, colours and numbers through being active 
  • Individual and group based games 
  • Fitness and exercise 

Take a look at our prices, we have two payment options: 

  1. The cost of the session can be covered by the school for a starting fee of £30.00 - Prices based on number of children 
  2. The parents pay a fee for their child, breakdown is usually around £6.00 per session 

Please note: 

Payment to be made in full at the start of the term. 

We will provide the application forms for each course which should be completed and returned to the school one week in advance of the first session starting. 


Please submit your details below for a member of our coaching team to contact you.